Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Room

I wanted to get a before and after shot of the room, but my mother thought it would be easy to rip the wallpaper off.
As you can see, only the top layer came off. There was another layer of paper underneath which was original. It took me a good 2 weeks to get all of the paper off the wall. My poor elbows were sore for a week, but the result was great. Thanks to my husband for painting and to a friend for giving me great wall posters!

I made a little area for my 2 year old. I have some ideas on how to keep him busy!

After decorating, I finished up a little project on Hannah's old dresser. I wanted the top drawers for storage of things that 2 year olds do not need to get into. The bottom four drawers were pulled out. I removed the nails to the front of two of the drawers and put them back into place.
If you look closely, I added the exacto knife and fabric glue into the picture. So my supplies are:

4 pieces of foam
2 yards of fabric
fabric glue
an exacto knife
a staple gun

I first added some foam to the sides of the drawers to measure and cut them to fit.
I then removed the foam and glued my fabric on and let it dry. It is a sturdy glue by the way, but will leave stains on fabric. I then put the foam into position and stapled where needed and added fabric to the floor of the drawer as well. I ended up with 2 shelves. I am pretty please with it.

I did not get enough foam, so I have to make a trip back to Hobby Lobby. Dang.

Isn't it pretty? Noah likes the balls. The lady at the fabric counter said that a teacher told her she is using the same fabric for a time out spot, so that kids can count the spots while in time out. I thought that was a great idea! I'm so ready for school to start!! I think Hannah is now getting excited after seeing her school room.

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