Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sesame Street videos

Ok, this is my first response to anything on the net. I read a recent article on yahoo regarding Sesame Street addressing breastfeeding. I watched the comments and all of the stupid comments out there were awful. Now I only tried to breastfeed a few times in public, because honestly I did not have the hang of keeping myself covered. I didn't have one of those neat nursing covers. Maybe I should have! Thinking back, and I know this gets a little tmi, but there were times I nursed on the toilet!! Can you imagine? I, of course, pulled down my pants because I did not want them to get all wet. Sitting on a toilet seat in my jeans just didn't seem like a good idea. Then imagine having to sit there and nurse a baby in cramped quarters which stink and sounds coming from the next stall over that are not appetizing or helpful in relaxation with my baby. I won't go into how I had to go in a week after having my daughter to fire someone. My bosses wouldn't let me out of it. I'm not sure I can describe the stress I went through at that job. I barely had enough milk for my dear daughter! The stress of trying to juggle other parts of life and nursing a newborn can be hard on a girl, which is why people need to get over it and leave a poor momma alone. We're just trying to do the best for our babies ok? So in response to the yahoo article, I made my own little banner. Most of the arguing was regarding women taking their breastfeeding into the public restroom. So, here is my response. Yeah, I know I'm not artistic, but it gets the point across.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Ok I know it's been a while. I really wanted to post more, but life keeps me going along. Hannah had a good appointment for her ears. We are waiting to see if they heal on their own. That would definitely be a God thing. The doctor said she would be lost in a classroom at this point, so it's a good thing we homeschool!
So far we have enjoyed learning about American History. I recommend watching Liberty's Kids on You Tube. It is educational and the kids like it. I never knew so much about the Revolutionary War! Over the Christmas break, I noticed that Hannah is more into her memorization for Classical Conversations. It takes a while, but the information is beginning to stick! I really enjoy this program and highly recommend it. Her reading skills continue to become more sophisticated and her math is taking off. We are skip counting up to the 11's so far. I'm guessing that multiplication will not be too difficult when we get to it.

Another great thing is that I'm beta testing a new website called Duolingo. Check them out. Maybe you can get in while they are taking new testers. Hannah and I are learning Spanish this way. It's a fun program. I'm learning a lot. I guess it's paying off to because she asked for milk in Spanish.

Things are settling down after Christmas. The kids were spoiled a little at grandma's, but that's part of the fun. I hope you had a great Christmas everyone.