Monday, October 11, 2010

A Day In The Life

Ok so here we go. Uncut and unpolished. Here is a day in the life of our family. We start with breakfast. Today was a good day because Noah let momma sleep in until 8. OH LUXURY! Here is Noah after enjoying his milk. I will spare you his bare butt. I see enough of it since we are trying to potty train. We've had some hits, but mostly misses so far. He turned 2 in June, so it might be a while.

Around 9 am, I was in the kitchen cleaning up and emptying the dishwasher. I returned to the dinningroom to this:

Looks like they are ready to go!
9:15 am We go into our school room. Our class starts with Saxon Math. I have to say I enjoy this curriculum. The activities and manipulatives are great! Here is Hannah doing her addition while Noah hams it up for the camera.

I will try to upload a video of Hannah singing her numbers. My little kinesthetic learner needs to be moving around. It's actually a brilliant thing she is doing because by singing her numbers she is reaching multiple levels of the brain which will help in retention. Noah is coloring in this picture. The great thing about 2-3 year olds is that they spend a lot of time in parallel play. He is doing a good job of imitating his big sister, and it's keeping him busy...for a while..

10:00 am..Ok so Noah lasted almost an hour. He did a lot of drawing and humming "Twinkle Twinkle". It was cute while it lasted. After this, he proceeded to pull out his Baby Einstein flash cards and dump them on the floor. I have to admit that about half of my day is spent in picking up messes that are main left by him. Here's Hannah being a good big sister and picking up.

Next, we did our Bible lesson. Today's lesson was about Jesus calming the storm. This was a great lesson for Hannah because she is scared of storms. We talked about how Jesus spoke "peace be still" and the waters calmed. As a side, later in the day my husband asked if Jesus could calm a 2 year old. Wouldn't it be great if he said "peace, be still" and it happened?? Really Noah was pretty good all day. He was pretty mellow. Hannah on the other hand could not sit still.
So, we complete Bible around 10:30 and take a break. The kids enjoy a snack and watch some tv.

11 a.m. Noah goes down for a nap. I try to stay consistent with this. He still needs the nap times, but with Hannah all hyper he's not getting much sleep. I had promised she could see the bunny today, so she came out to get exercise. Hannah just could not stay quiet. Noah wakes up pretty cranky, so we have lunch to put him in a better mood.

12:30 The dogs have been stinky lately, so I take each out individually and hose them down. The kids enjoy splashing in the puddles. While we are out, the school bus drives by. I'm thankful to be home with my kids.

1:30 We get back to business. Hannah completes her new spelling words while Noah hams it up for the camera again.

Next is Geography, we talked about what plains are. Hannah colors the activity sheet. I pick up our things to start in on Spanish. Hannah has a mini meltdown because apparently she was not finished coloring. I calm her down.

Today we tried something new with Spanish. I found a program at the library. There are cds involved. We head to Hannah's room to listen, but the cds are scratched. Off to find the cleaner. I rummage around, but cannot find it. I round up the kids again and wing it. This happens often in our house when things do not go as planned. We make it through greetings and listen to a counting song several times. Noah enjoys this part and is saying some words in Spanish, even if he does not know what he is saying.
We head back to the classroom and complete our lesson for reading and take out the McGuffy reader for a while. I have Hannah read me about 5 pages.
We wrap up the school day with science. I found a book on mountain animals. Hannah and I look at the pictures and I read about the different types of mountains and climates there are. We are finished around 3 p.m.

On a side note, maybe I should not blog while watching the 2 year old. He spilled ick medicine everywhere. The dog is covered in it, a picture is covered in it, Noah is covered in it. I guess I do not have to worry about him having ick.

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