Saturday, September 25, 2010

Meet The Class Pet

Growing up, my husband raised rabbits. He enjoyed having them around and bred Palominos for a while. I really had not considered having a rabbit for a pet, but early in our marriage he convinced me to help him try breeding Pals again. Ok, I admit I was not sure how much we would get out of having a rabbit, but I found that each had their own personality. It was also a lot of fun watching the litters as they grew. We did not stay in the breeding business for long, but it made me a fan of rabbits! You see my aunt had lops and that really turned me off from rabbits. They always bit or kicked. I really did not look forward to cleaning a cage every day, and it was hard to give them proper exercise with a toddler running around.

Well, we had the itch again and wanted another bunny. My husband called a breeder and scheduled us a time to pick up our bun. I read ahead of time about different breeds and decided on a Mini Rex because of the size. My daughter helped pick out the bunny, and we met the father. Oh my. His fur was like velvet! We picked one of the smaller females and made our way home.
We were delighted to find that she took to a litter box right away. No more cleaning everyday, and no more smell! Yipee!! We found out that she is actually very gentle and curious, and here she is!

We named her Freckles because of her brown spots. She loves to explore the floor. For the first two weeks, she stayed in the classroom.
Photobucket After that, she smelled the sweet fragrance of freedom! She hopped all over the kitchen and dinning room. I think she likes to run!
If you have not heard of disapproving rabbits, then you have to check out their website. It cracks me up looking at the photos of bunnies disapproving of everything. Here is Freckles disapproving of our rug.
Ok, we still have a toddler running around, but we've learned to manage Freckle's free time better. I've found that taking her out at night and feeding her works really well. My daughter can pet her quietly while Freckles eats. Photobucket I think they like each other. It certainly helps Freckles feel comfortable with us when she spends everyday with the kids in the classroom. We're pretty excited to have her.