Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Fever

I am feeling anxious about the end of the year. We have already finished math and reading for the year. I have been trying my best to supplement without going into next year's information. One of the things I am doing is going through the library finding books that will push Hannah. We are reading the Junie B. Jones books right now. They are challenging enough to keep her on her toes. The past few months, I have checked out books on her level, but she finishes them in the car before we get home! At least, these little chapter books have enough bulk to eliminate that problem.

I've been using online supplemental material as well. We have been doing online math work and following the eaglets that have hatched in Iowa. Wow! They are amazing to watch. I found some online evaluation tools as well.
One is The Factor Tree. I received a trial membership through bzzagent, and it was well worth it. You should check it out sometime.

Hannah did well on the evaluations, but they cover material I have not. It gave me the idea to start her on what they cover. Basically we are now going over rounding numbers, and learning greater than and lesser than. They have great tools for helping kids, and Hannah seems to like it a lot.

As of right now, we plan on continuing homeschooling. I have looked into using Classical Conversations next year. There is a group about 40 minutes away. It would be a once a week class. We are going to check it out in a few weeks. I hope that Hannah likes it. I will be starting Noah in on preschool next year. I hope he sits down long enough to do some of the work. He does very well with numbers. He has picked up so much this year. I hear him counting to 10 quite often, and I am so proud!!

Now that it is Spring, we will be doing a lot of outdoor activities. Until I write again, I hope everyone gets out and enjoys the sunshine!

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