Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So we continue to chug along. We went down to my parents' house for Hannah's birthday. All was great (for the most part). Hannah had a blast. You know we really do not notice the hearing loss unless we are in a situation where it is obvious everyone is hearing things she can't. Example, a plane flies over head. Noah got all excited. Hannah on the other hand had a look on her face like "huh?" She was confused and thought he was teasing about the plane. Yeah, she has hearing loss alright.

There are moments I get discouraged or just lack of motivation regarding homeschooling. We really like our Classical Conversations classes. Check them out at It's awesome. My husband expects her to know so much, but at this stage we are just absorbing information. We have officially gone through all 50 States and capitals. It's cool to watch them learn. We are starting Upward Bound Basketball. EEEkkk. I think Hannah will give up. She is not a sports person, but dad signed her up. I'll report how that goes. It should be interesting.

Try Burt's Bees. I did as a bzzagent. I'm loving their products. This is just another way I'm earning some freebies for my family!

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