Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sesame Street videos

Ok, this is my first response to anything on the net. I read a recent article on yahoo regarding Sesame Street addressing breastfeeding. I watched the comments and all of the stupid comments out there were awful. Now I only tried to breastfeed a few times in public, because honestly I did not have the hang of keeping myself covered. I didn't have one of those neat nursing covers. Maybe I should have! Thinking back, and I know this gets a little tmi, but there were times I nursed on the toilet!! Can you imagine? I, of course, pulled down my pants because I did not want them to get all wet. Sitting on a toilet seat in my jeans just didn't seem like a good idea. Then imagine having to sit there and nurse a baby in cramped quarters which stink and sounds coming from the next stall over that are not appetizing or helpful in relaxation with my baby. I won't go into how I had to go in a week after having my daughter to fire someone. My bosses wouldn't let me out of it. I'm not sure I can describe the stress I went through at that job. I barely had enough milk for my dear daughter! The stress of trying to juggle other parts of life and nursing a newborn can be hard on a girl, which is why people need to get over it and leave a poor momma alone. We're just trying to do the best for our babies ok? So in response to the yahoo article, I made my own little banner. Most of the arguing was regarding women taking their breastfeeding into the public restroom. So, here is my response. Yeah, I know I'm not artistic, but it gets the point across.

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